the color

A Cut is Never Truly Complete Without the Perfect Color

What to expect

James Mac, is a highly skilled and well trained "Color Specialists" who will carry out an in-depth complimentary color consultation upon your appointment; advising you on the colors and techniques most suitable for you and your skin tone, as well as how often you like to maintain you look, plus make a full assessment of your hair texture and condition. 

Color Service Includes Consultation, Shampoo Massage, Conditioner & Finishing and Blow Dry.
The following Prices are designed according to Length, Texture, Density, Placement & Design, and over all  Hair Condition.
 Time Frame for a color service can take as long as 2 to 6 hours based on and according to Length, Texture, Density, Placement & Design, and Hair Condition.
Please schedule your personal time accordingly incase we are in need of extened time.


  • You are welcome to make appointments for just a consultation only. The Consulting fee will be credited back towards your service on the day of your appointment. If you decide for any reason cancel the scheduled appointment altogether, the consultation fee will be nonrefundable.

from roots to ends

  •  permanent & demi permanent color

  • Whether you are seeking a complete color change or just a regrowth touch up, we can create a totally new look that’s personalized to your skin tone.

be enhanced

  • demi-permanent color

  • Are you looking to step away from permanent color?
    Like so many of our clients that have come to us, we have helped them make the switch to a much softer and more natural color that can indeed turn back time, allowing your hair feel and look healthier and maintain long-lasting shine. The color is "Ammonia Fee" and can cover grey and white hair up to 100% depending on the desired tone and shade.
    Please ask us about this color line upon your visit.

be enlightened

  • highlight / lowlights or both

  • See yourself in a shimmering new light with perfectly placed fine foil highlights, lowlights or both to enhance your skin tone with amazing contrast, as if each color has been picked out and created just for you.


  • looking for something “New" in the way of an Ombré.?

  • We have taken the Ombré to the next level to create a multi-tone highlight that will give your hair that authentic sun-kissed look that does not requires us to do the normal "Bleach and Tone Service."
    James Mac has developed a personal technique that uses the Ombré & Balayage concept using mutable shades from dark to light in a foil placement pattern that allows the overlook to become extremely natural that last till your next visit.  

  • If you have questions please schedule a Consultation before making an appointment.

blonde again

  • bleach service

  • Whether you require just a Re-Growth Touch-Up, a Full Head Bleach Application or Highlights, we will take the utmost care to ensure the best condition and quality for your hair. Include with this service, is a "Demi-Permanent Color,” a service so that we may achieve the desired color and tone. We will also add Olaplex to help protect your hair. All ask is that you purchase Step #3 of Olaplex to maintain the health and condition of your hair.

in need of a fix.?

Have you ever had the overwhelming urge to change up your hair color.?

If so, it is essential to take the time to make an appointment an experienced hairstylist that will give your hair the expert treatment it deserves.
However, for some the hair color calling is so strong they immediately head over to a local mall salon or one nearby or better yet to their local store, and grab a box of hair dye, and do the deed themselves. If that is the case, you may get undesirable results, in terms of both the color and integrity of your hair. If that is the case, you will require color correction by James Mac Studio.

what is a color correction.?

Color correction is when a professional stylist needs to correct the undesirable results of a previous hair coloring, done either at home or by an inexperienced stylist.
The undesirable color can be the result of years spent dying hair using boxed hair dye or by going to a random inexperienced stylist that may not be aware of how to take the proper steps to create a color transition. While some color corrections are possible in a step or two, others can be very complex and require several different visits back to our Studio.

why is it important to protect your hair

The first thing to realize, when hair gets lightened, color is removed out, not put in. This process causes hair to lose other essential proteins, leaving hair stripped of some nutrients. Repeatedly lightening hair can potentially cause damage to your hair, making it necessary to protect your hair.

Which is why at James Mac Studio we want to avoid using lightener or harsh products to remove unwanted color. In our experience, there is always another way.
We are a firm believer in using Olaplex System 1,2,3,4 & 5 when working with hair that is overly processed. Olaplex has been a fantastic product for us in our studio, we believe in so much, we have made it part of our routine to add it to most of our color services and for those clients who truly need to get their hair back to the healthier state. Understand many color corrections are spaced out over several visits. 
Specific goals need to be realistic; James Mac will take the time to understand your future hair goal. Everything we do in our studio, we do with years of experience, knowledge, and considerations of our clients well being and what’s best for our client's hair needs and condition. We would never talk a client into service knowing that we would possibly further damage to the integrity of their hair. 

what to expect when going darker

If your hair is too light and you would like to correct the color by making it darker, we will first need to fill the hair with pigment according to the level of your natural color or desired color shade you would like to have.

What does this mean?
At the time your hair was lightened, pigments that make up your natural color: like copper, gold and red tones had to be removed to achieve the desired lightness and tonality. These pigment tones need to be inserted back into your hair, and once the hair is filled, we will then need to color the hair again with a demi-permanent color for the desired level and overall tone. The reasoning for a filler is to insert warm tones back into your hair, this helps to avoid the hair looking muddy when going from light to dark, acting as a middle shade.
Please also note, as colorist we can create a wide verity of beautiful shades and tones for you that may come close to looking like your natural color. Please, understand we can never give you back your true natural color.

how long does it take.?

It is almost impossible to put an exact time on color correction, as it all depends on how drastic a change is needed and how much damage has been done to your hair. In some cases, color correction can be performed in a few hours. However, in most cases, it takes as long as 8 to 12 hours resulting in a very long session, or multiple sessions spread out over a few weeks, to get your hair looking beautiful and healthy once again.

why trust an expert

A great way to save yourself time and money is only to trust an expert to color your hair. Often, to get a particular shade, it will require multiple steps of different hair colors, and it is impossible to know exactly what to do without the help of a hair coloring expert.
Working with Chemicals in hair color and bleach is a science and can be very tricky to work with correctly and can result in damage to the hair if not done by a professional. Avoid having to eventually get a color correction by throwing away the boxes of hair dye at your house and visit a professional stylist.

being honest

James Mac Studio is here to help you, always. They are your partner and advisor in creating your hairstyle and overall image, they will always have your best interest at heart, and with that in mind, your relationship with James Mac Studio will last for years. Always tell us all of the "histories of your hair.” Lying about what you have done to your hair or what is in it can often lead to significant damage when using chemicals. We will never judge, no matter how embarrassed you may feel. Be as honest with us as you are with your doctor.
First and foremost It is our commitment to your hair health and well being that truly matters to us at James Mac Studio.

currently unhappy.?

If you are currently unhappy with the color of your hair and want it fixed, and would like more information on hair color correction or would like to request a consultation with James Mac, please contact us.
James Mac Studio has been providing customers with incredible service and care and has a long history of performing color correcting on a wide verity hair texture and color issues for many years.

additional hair services

Please keep in mind that additional service takes time and possibly may require an appointment. Price may vary according to length, texture, and density.

These additional services are not available for first-time clients as an appointment alone.
They are reserved for pre-existing clients only.

wash & blow dry

flat ironing

color correction service

Depending on the severity of the hair condition and what is needing to be done, whether it’s having to take your hair color darker, removing or reducing unwanted color pigment or color demarcation lines that are inconsistent from previous root colors over time, or correcting a highlight or ombré service that left the hair looking blotchy and stripy, that looks unnatural.
Unfortunately, we are not able to give you an exact time on how long this particular service may take. Like everything we do at James Mac Studio, it takes time to create your look, and it takes longer to correct it.

color reduction

going darker

demarcation correction

highlight / ombré correction

olaplex system service

Upon your visit with us for a Color Service, we will consult with you on why we feel it’s essential to add ''Olaplex'' to your color service so that we may be able to achieve the best possible result for healthier hair resulting in beautiful shine and extreme softness.
There is No Extra Fee for adding Olaplex to your color service; we only ask that you purchase Step No.3 of Olaplex the "Hair Perfecter” pryer to booking your next appointment. This once a week treatment that you apply at home, the direction on the back of the bottle in case you forget after we have explained in detail at the studio on the best method for you for the product to last.

As long as your willing to continue to purchase Step No.3 regularly, we will continue to add Olaplex to your color service, on us.

Why is Olaplex so crucial for you to continue at home.?

Due to the bonds continuously broken within the hair through thermal styling, mechanical styling at home, the integrity, strength, shine, and softness will dissipate in a few weeks to a month depending on how you treat your hair. The No. 3 Hair Perfector will maintain strength, structure, integrity, softness and shine leading up to your next color service at our studio. 

Price may very according to length, texture and density.

olaplex system service