the cut

  At James Mac Studio, we believe that the basis to any perfect haircut is excellent technique and an innate feeling for suitability.
James Mac, has been trained to a high standard of specialization to have a comprehensive knowledge of head shape, hair texture and hair structure to achieve meticulously crafted looks to suit your own personal image, whether timeless, classic or fashionable.


James Mac Studio is not a " Barber Shop" nor do we provide service that normal barber shop provide. Scheduled appointments are required. Haircuts for Men are cut and designed by "scissors only", with a verity of scissor over comb techniques."Neck Trimers" are occasionally used for clean up only.  Beard trims are not provided.


  • Appointments can be made for just a consultation only. The Consulting fee will be credited back towards your service on the day of your appointment. If you decide for any reason not to follow through with the appointment,
    the Consultation fee is nonrefundable.


  • men & women 

  • Includes Consultation, Shampoo Massage, Conditioner & Finishing and Blow Dry.

    Time Frame for a haircut service 1 to 2 hours according to Length, Texture, Density & Design.

Fringe trim

  • for client’s with pre-existing fringe “Only”

    anything more is a HAIR CUT!

additional services

  • Please keep in mind that additional service take time and may require an appointment. Price may very according to length, texture and density.

  • "These additional service are not available for first time clients as an appointment alone.
    They are Reserved for pre-existing clients only."

flat ironing

wash & blow dry